Fall Planting

Spinach Seed StalksThe spring spinach went to seed awhile ago and now the stalks are full of dried seeds. It’s time to collect the seeds and plant a fall crop! It’s very simple. Just run your fingers down the stalk and filter out the dead leaves and branches. I store them in the original seed packet I bought the first set from. Many times I have too many to fit into a packet. You can use zippable plastic bags or old spice bottles. Just make sure they are perfectly dry.Spinach Seeds

Spinach Bed





I cleaned out the spinach bed and carefully placed the seeds around the soaker hose. Rather than digging small holes, I topped everything with compost and covered unseeded areas with straw to suppress weeds. That was a week ago and I already have spinach coming up for the fall!

What’s Being Harvested?


I know you haven’t heard a lot from us lately. That’s because we’ve been very busy! Most of the work is keeping the weeds at bay. We are also carefully managing the water with the alternating hot and bone dry weather to heavy thunderstorms. Lots of extra hand watering one day and then turning off the irrigation the next day.Beets

So, what’s coming up in the garden? We’ve been tasting items out of our test plot before selling to be sure they are good. Some are good enough we aren’t willing to let go of them! Our favorite is beets. We’ll eat our fill before letting them go.

The biggest seller is the beans. At first we were pulling them so fast we couldn’t sell them fast enough, but now we are begging the plants to grow more.Heirloom Lettuce

The lettuce mix  just keeps growing no matter how much we sell. The collards are finally at a good size, although I don’t think they grow very well outside of the south.


Collards (2)The snap peas and cucumbers are on a roll now.

Snap PeasCucumber


We are finishing harvesting the corn for ourselves. It takes too much space and resources for what little you get. Corn

The heirloom celery is amazing!  It’s thinner than the grocery store celery but the flavor is strong so you don’t need as much. We’ve also been harvesting broccoli, basil, gold squash and zucchini.


Brocolli (2) Basil

Zuchinni (2) Yellow Squash

Finally, the tomatoes are starting to turn red, the peppers are taking off and the Okra is just starting to get to a size of harvest.

Tomato Green Chilis Okra

There is still a lot more that is growing and we can’t wait to share it with our customers!