Goat Barn Renovation

The barn on the property we bought is a dual purpose building. This side was a two stall horse barn. The other side, which is up a level, is a garage and shop. There is a hay loft at the very top.

This side had 2 standard doors and a lot of broken windows. The inside had not been cleaned out in a long time. There were old bee hives, a degrading wooden feed bin and multiple cages hanging from the ceiling. You could see that different wild animals had nested in there at one time. There was a lot of cleanup before we could start the renovation.

We removed the entire front lower wall. Instead of large glass widows to risk broken glass again, we installed siding, painted it to match the rest of the barn and cut holes for Plexiglas windows to increase the light coming in. The spaces above the windows are vents to increase air flow and will eventually have covers to allow sealing the barn up in case of a bad storm.

The doors were a tough choice. The one on the right is a slider and the one on the left is a Dutch door where the upper and lower doors open independently. We thought this would be a great if you wanted a lot of airflow but didn’t want the goats to come out.

Final touches include painting the doors and trim white to match the rest of the barn. We recently added fake white carriage garage doors to keep the farm feeling on the other side of the building.

So where are the goats? We have one more thing to do before we get goats. We need to prepare the floor for good drainage, goat comfort and easy cleaning. Still trying to decide if we should add more dirt, sand, rock or wood. Once that’s done we will be ready to replace Patrick, our stuffed Nubian toy, with 2 new baby Nubian goats! Estimate Spring 2018!