The 2018 Garden Plan

It’s always just after Christmas that the planting bug starts to set in. We start analyzing what happened the year before and plan adjustments to increase not only production but also the ease in what we do.

First we agreed that last year’s yield was higher than our demand so we will only be planting 1 row of each item this year rather than 3. It’s a great problem to have! We really didn’t know how much the new plot could grow and we are happy to say it’s a success! We decided not to plant anything in the old plot and solely focus on the new one. That will save a lot of water and time.

Another discussion we started to have is what kind of tools we could use to increase our efficiencies. Time is important when both of us have a full time jobs. We are looking at a walk behind tractor to replace our rototiller. It also has attachments to build row hills and smooth out the tops. It even has a drip tape installer. This would eliminate the the discs that we attached to the large tractor that we built rows with last year. The cost is higher than we’d hoped but with the extra power and flexibility of all the available attachments it would be valuable for general home use too. There is even a snow blower attachment.

We tested some garlic last year and it did alright so we planted garlic in the last 2 rows of the plot in November. We are also adding butternut and acorn squash to the mix. Customers have asked if we had these squash enough times we thought we would give them a try. It also is in line with our efforts to decrease the amount of work we spend on garden maintenance. Squash does not require as much work as tomatoes, lettuce or beans. Plus it grows well here. Another add will be brussell sprouts. I’ve heard they are difficult to grow but thought it would be worth a try. The rest will be the same old favorites.

Next step is buying seed. We have collected a number of seeds this year so should not have to buy a lot. It usually takes a couple weeks to decide on which varieties to buy and make the purchase but it is one the most fun tasks there is!

In the mean time we are going to get a quote on the walk behind tractor and see it’s going to be feasible.

Stay tuned!