Falling Tomatoes

The hail storm must have damaged the Florida Weave string that was holding up the tomatoes. A month after the storm we woke up to this.Tomato plants falling against each other and back over the next row of pepper plants. After finishing the clean up after the hailstorm mess now the tomatoes are giving us a hard time.

It’s so late in the season an extensive fix just seems like a waste of time. Besides, the plants were already starting to die off before winter hits. At this point we just took a look around and used whatever was available to lift the tomatoes off the ground just to get them past the final ripening of the green tomatoes.

A few old tomato cages and T-posts later the plants were pushed up just enough to survive the fall. We still managed to get quite a few tomatoes which made it well worth the effort. It’s not pretty but still paid off.

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