About the Farm

5280 Artisan Farm, located near the the town of Parker, is dedicated to sustainable farming methods and the concepts of “farm to table”.  We sell exclusively in the local market with a focus on direct sales to select customers and potentially restaurants.

All produce is grown from heirloom and/or organic seeds and raised using all natural methods. No chemicals have ever been used in the current plots. Harvesting is done to order and by hand so each fruit or vegetable is picked at just the right time.

Along with the produce we also manage bees for fresh raw honey, raise chickens for fresh eggs and will soon raise goats for……..  OK, you got us on the goats.  We’ll keep them to manage the land a simply because they amuse us.

How it all started…….

I’d love to tell you that the idea for the farm came from our desire to live in a way that brought us closer to land and a natural lifestyle but that’s not the whole story.  While that is true, the whole truth is that the farm grew from our personal garden that got a little out of hand.  As avid gardeners for years, each home we’ve lived in allowed us to expand to an ever larger garden.  When we purchased the land for the farm, the move from over-sized garden to small scale farm was just a natural progression for us.