9 weeks in the hives


Bees in the new FlowHive frames

It’s been 9 weeks since we moved the bees from the nucs to the main hives and we are seeing mixed progress. One hive is progressing well while the other, despite regular feeding and checks, is struggling.

The strong hive has been growing and is now at 2 deeps. They were filling out the second box last week so we added a 3rd box loaded with Flow frames.  Some people have had trouble with their bees taking to the plastic Flow frames so we painted them with melted beeswax before installing them. Glad we did as they have already started working on the frames getting them ready for honey.

As a first year hive we will not likely take any this season but it’s good to know they are progressing so well.

The second hive however is still struggling.  We have continued to feed and inspect with no clear evidence as to what is going on.  We are seeing brood and stores but it just does not seem to be progressing. After some discussion with another beekeeper we decided that it is most likely a mite problem so we treated today and will wait to see how it goes. It’s late in the season and the colony is small so it may or may not make it. You never know though – bees can be resilient so while there is still activity we will hold out hope for this hive.