What’s the buzz? The Bees are here!


The hives have been prepped and ready for a few weeks waiting for the bees to get here.  To get a head start we ordered nucs (pronounced “nooks”) which are 5 frame hives that are already up and running with a working queen instead of “package” bees which are a bulk of bees with a queen that has to be introduced.  Well, today was the day our bees arrived.

While I went to pick up the bees, my better half was going to make a big batch of sugar-water for spring feeding. We both knew this was coming but somehow neither of us thought about just how much sugar we actually needed. She realized pretty quick that we had no where near enough in the house so a quick trip to the store was in order for a 25lb bag. Yikes, that’s a lot of sugar.nucs_in_car

It was a little strange loading 10-20,000 bees in the car with me for the ride home but it was a cold day so they were pretty docile.



Once back at the farm we suited up, lit the smoker and sprayed suger water in the empty hives to prepare them for the bees. I’m not sure how useful the smoker was with the wind but I went through the motions anyway.  The bees were relatively calm either way and I was able to do the inspection and search for the queens with no problems.

When all was done, we inspected each others suits for stray bees before heading into the house but still found a stragler on my suit as I was taking it off.  A quick walk back outside with a soft brush and he was back in the wild.

The move from the nucs to the hives went smoothly and we apper to have two healthy colonies to begin our season. closed_hives

Honestly, the hardest part was suppressing that urge most of us have to swat away a bee when it comes at you.

To see a video, visit our youtube channel here:  https://youtu.be/JbltzdFkWl0