Building a Bigger Brooder

big brooder

There is no space left in the brooder. The chicks have gotten too fed up with each and there is more squawking than we can stand. They are still too young to move into the coop not to mention the snow and wide temperature swings that could potentially kill them. It’s time to get creative and take drastic action. We cut a number of large packing boxes boxes open and duct taped them together into a large 7 X 7 foot box in our basement spare bedroom. We put a tarp underneath it, a tarp on the inside of it, lined it with protective paper an then dropped in pine shavings. The room has it’s own thermostat so we brought it up to 80 degrees and the hung a heat lamp over the box to keep the box at 85. Works like a charm! Although a bit dusty. Hopefully this will only be for 2 weeks maximum.

It is so nice to finally see the chicks run, jump and flap their wings. We started to see more chicken like activity like scratching and pecking the ground. Now they are starting to establish a pecking order. They come face to face with the competition, stretch up tall and start bumping chests! It’s a riot! Much more fun to play with them in their new environment.