The Baby Chicks are Here!

Day old Chicks

The chicks finally arrived! 12 Buff Orphingtons, 12 Black Australorpes, 6 Aracaunas and it looks like 4 surprise chicks! I don’t know what the special exotics are just yet, but they sure are outgoing, literally climbing into my hand! Unfortunately one of the Buffs had a broken leg and a bad case of pasty butt, an issue that can kill a chick. She did not look good at all so we had to put her out of her misery, Lesson number one on a farm. Make a decision based on the animals comfort level and likelihood of survival. Tough one for me!

Tired and hungry, the chicks immediately took to the food and water. I have never seen animals eat that much food! They almost ate the whole bag already!

Special Needs Chick

One little chick is smaller than the others and also seems to not see well out of her left eye. She was peeping so loud it hurt my ears. She was getting bumped around from the other chicks and not getting any food or water. I separated her from the others in a little box with a light over it and gave her her own personal buffet! She inhaled most all of it. Then she realized she was all alone and started squawking again. I found the next pathetic looking chick and put her in the box as well. They quickly became friends and spent the afternoon eating, drinking, snuggling with each other and exchanging garble noises. Once they looked happy and full, I brought them back to the crowd and they seemed to do just fine.

Snuggling Chicks

Phew! Who knew chick day could be so dramatic!