The Chicken Coop Is Here!

It was a LONG day waiting for the truck with the new custom built chicken coop to arrive! We got a call that the truck was in the shop with an issue and they would be¬†delayed until 5:00 PM. It was getting cold and dark and then just before the sun went down……..there it was! The glorious truck pulling the future home of my many happy chickens!

Coop on trailer

The trailer was adjustable and moved front, back, left and right with a remote control, until the coop was in just the right position on the pad to gradually lower it down. It was amazing to watch. Then….boom! It landed and is now ready for action!

Coop on Pad

On the inside you can see the nesting boxes and the roosts. On the outside you can see the door to the back of the nesting boxes. It’s a sneaky way to get the eggs out from under the chickens without stepping foot inside the coop.

Inside Coop

The chicks will be coming in a month. Plenty of time to finish the details in the coop!