The Chicks in the Mail


This is an empty brooder. Why is it empty? The newly hatched chicks were mailed 2 days ago and still haven’t arrived! The best way to get a cheaper, high quality chick is to mail order them. It’s recommended to find a hatchery close to you, and this one was only 10 hours away. I’m stressing…..a little. The chicks feed off of the yolk up to 3 days. I’m sure we’ll get a call first thing in the morning.  

For those of  you who don’t know what a brooder is, it’s a box that heats up with a lamp to 95 degrees. That’s how warm the chicks need to stay for the first week of their life. The temperature is lowered 5 degrees a week until the temperature in their coop matches the temp they have lowered to. Our neighbor was kind enough to loan us his extra techy version!

We are getting 30 chicks + 1 surprise exotic chick that came free with the order. It’s going to be fun to figure out what type it is! Because we bought so many, we won’t be able to keep them in the brooder for more than two weeks. There won’t be enough room. Then into the coop they go with a heat lamp!
Can’t wait until tomorrow when I get the call from the post office saying “come get these chicks out of here!”

And by the way, this is the first time I’ve given my husband permission to go pick up some chicks if I can’t make it!