A Happy Broccoli Accident

We tried to grow broccoli our first year at the farm and got a lot of leaves with tiny broccoli heads so swore we would never grow it again.

Zoom forward to 2017, as we were planting basil seed and realized we were running out. At the end of the season we collect seeds from everything possible. Unfortunately we sometimes forget to write down what seed was collected on the bag or packet. In this case we thought we had basil seed and what popped up was broccoli! We kept them well watered and in the fall we got the biggest heads to date. It was only the size of a grapefruit but tasted fantastic on salads!

Fresh broccoli is nothing like the stuff you buy in the grocery store. There is no stink to it and there is no bitter aftertaste. That only occurs when broccoli has been sitting a long time. Makes you question purchasing broccoli from the grocery store, doesn’t it?

Even though the heads don’t grow to full size, will we grow broccoli again?
You Bet!