A New Tool, The Grillo

Since we saved money this year on spring start up we decided to make an investment in a new tool to save both time and our aching bodies!

Meet the Grillo. It’s an Italian made walk behind tractor that you can buy multiple attachments for to do just about anything you might need on the farm including snow blowing! We had to order well in advance since it comes from overseas but it is well worth the wait! The bed preparation that took us a back breaking 3 weeks only took a weekend!

Why a small tracker versus bringing in the large tractor?
First, we did last years full size tractor work before we built the deer and rabbit proof fence. Adding a large gate to the fence reduces the integrity of it. The fence being solid and buried eliminates access for rodents. Every exception increases a break in opportunity for hungry wildlife. The Grillo fits through the existing doorway. Also, with our intensive planting method the smaller machine builds better small rows with little effort. Not only does it have row building, it also has a bed SMOOTHING tool that flattens out the top of the bed making it easier to plant in.

So here we start by spreading compost and building our bed rows in a single weekend!

Watch the Grillo at work on the farm’s YouTube Channel: