Bean Harvest 2017

What started it all! Our famous heirloom green beans! We didn’t change a thing with our green beans this year. We still included yellow and purple pod varieties. They are easy to grow and everyone loves them. We have 4 rows and we can’t pull them fast enough. Luckily we have many customers who buy a lot at one time so they can freeze them and have them over the winter. We still have enough to collect plenty of dried seeds at the end of the season.

It does take a little time for the actual beans to grow so we tried to grow some as transplants this year to get a head start. Live and learn. The transplants did poorly and were quickly overtaken by the ones planted by seed later.

With so many extra beans at the end of the season we decided to pickle some. But that is for another post. Next year we will only plant half as many unless we get a larger up front commitment.