Beans Snow Survival

It’s May 10th and big surprise, we are having a winter storm warning AFTER our beans started to grow. Beans are the only non-cold tolerant plants growing right and will suffer in the storm. We are out of tunnel arches to create a row cover.

In order to protect the beans from the cold we staged the center of the row with quart sized pots to hold the fabric above the plants and then draped the ag fabric over the whole row. We used bricks to hold the fabric down at the edges and crossed our fingers.

The storm did some damage. We had to replant about 25% of the beans but most of the plants survived. Unfortunately, anywhere there was a sag in the fabric that touched a plant during the storm, the plant either died or ended up with a fungal infection later in the year.

That being said, we will be planting beans later in the season going forward. Only after we are sure all cold spells are over. They grow so fast we are not losing much by waiting. We lost more beans due to disease. The disease also made it’s way to other plants causing reduction in yield as well. It’s just not worth it.