Beets Harvest 2017

The beets finally reached selling size. The compost made a big difference. Thinning them out like every gardening book tells you makes a big difference. It didn’t hurt that we have a seeder this year. They aren’t as clustered as they used to be. We actually got a number of very large beets that were pretty impressive. They were harder to manage cooking, but they were still as tender and tasty as the others.

Beets were never a top seller but those customers that like beets love them. It’s the standard heirloom beet called Detroit. It’s the preferred dark red color that comes with a richer taste. Many people shy away from fresh beets because they aren’t sure how to cook them. There is really nothing easier. You just slice them about 1/4 inch thick, put them in a sauce pan just covering with water, cover and cook Med High for about 15 minutes or until its tender enough to push a fork into them.

We ended up with excess that we will either can or freeze. We will have to grow less next year.