Broccoli Planted Early

This time last year we were just finished growing our broccoli transplants inside. With just two to three leaves the delicate plants were planted in the ground. No sooner had we planted, a snow storm came through so we were forced to cover it in hopes it would survive. Amazingly, not only did they survive, the thrived! I knew it was a cold weather plant but didn’t know the resilience it had.

This year we planted the broccoli inside earlier, transplanted outside earlier and now it’s got a great start for the year. Due to our heat, and broccoli being a cold weather crop, we usually get our main harvest later in the season when it’s cooler. This year we started getting broccoli heads much earlier and overall the plants were more productive. They had grown so large by summer they shaded the ground which kept the roots cooler and there was broccoli every time we wanted it!

Lessons learned! Not only do we get more broccoli in a year, but we now are trying to extend the growing season on other crops by using our