Crop Bed Preparation

It’s March 10, 2018 and it’s time to start growing!

Here we are pulling off the black covering that was holding back weeds and warming up the soil for planting. Inside we have tomatoes and peppers growing for transplants. We did a wide variety of vegetable starts last year but found many plants grown by seed from the start did better such as beans, squash and cucumber. We usually have a snow storm around Mothers Day that kills everything so in the past we’ve waited to plant shortening our growing season. In order to get a head start we will be building low tunnels with Agribon to protect seedlings if there is any adverse weather in the spring.

We will be using the same drip irrigation and weed fabric from last year as well as seed we still had from the previous year’s purchase. I also collected a lot of seed from last years crop I will use. This will save us money after having made some large investments the previous 2 years.

Now that we have everything uncovered we will let the ground rest a week. Then the real work starts!