Fall Crop of Carrots

It didn’t take long to refresh the harvested garlic bed and prepare to plant it with a 2nd fall crop of carrots.

Earlier in the year we found that the carrots were overgrowing too fast and needed to plant more to have a continuous flow of perfect size carrots. Luckily you can plant carrots in secession a couple weeks apart from early spring to early fall since they are so cold hardy. Next year we will do exactly that. This year we decided to plant 2 crops far apart in time which didn’t work as well as we hoped.

We also put a cover over this row and kept it going into November for our customers! They last down to 28 degrees under the fabric. We didn’t hit a really hard freeze until almost Thanksgiving!

We continue to learn a little more with each issue that comes up on the farm. The following year is always a little better for the learnings.

Here is one of our fall orders just for the fun of it: