Garden Tour

The growing plot is in full swing. This is a picture of just the expansion. It’s outperforming in every way. The weed block is everything we hoped. Spending less time on weeding and more time on managing the plants themselves has been more productive. The produce is larger and there is more being harvested than in the old plot. The old plot has it’s advantages. Although it has many more weeds, it is a cooler more protected area that lends itself to growing celery, peas, garlic and lettuce.

There are some challenges. Using the biointensive method of growing vegetables we find ourselves wading through a sea of cucumber plants, very scratchy by the way, to pull so many cucumbers that we know we are going to have to donate because the distribution plan for this year did not pan out and demand is currently lower than the yield. We are having a hard time keeping up with harvesting with working a regular full time job. We’ve spent early mornings and evenings with a head lamp strapped on so we could see in the dark.

It’s hard work and time consuming but very rewarding when we see how much our customers like our vegetables. I guess you could call this a labor of love.

Many people want to see where the vegetables are grown so I took some time to create a quick video tour that you can see on the farm YouTube channel: