Garlic Already Growing

You may have noticed in earlier pictures that there are a couple rows in the plot that were already covered and weren’t processed in the spring. Those two rows contain garlic that was planted in October last year. The idea is garlic is considered a cold weather plant and the growth is focused on roots, so it can do a lot of growing over winter.

To protect it from a harsh winter we stuffed the fabric with hay to give it some extra insulation. As the weather warmed up some of the green leaves started to surface. We pulled most of the hay out so the black fabric, holding the heat of the sun, could warm up the soil. This caused the plants to pop. You can see how big this plant is in April. Of course early growth means it’s the only greenery the birds see in early spring. As you can see they have been taking nibbles of the tops. We know it’s birds because our fencing is deer and rabbit proof.

As the temperature warms we have to continue to watch the garlic to make sure it does not flower. Flowering takes away energy for making the bulbs so we cut the flowers or scapes when they appear to keep them building bigger bulbs.

Since they are a cold weather plant they will start dying off in August which is considered harvesting time. We can’t wait to see how they turn out as it’s our first garlic crop in the new plot.