Garlic Harvest

Since we ran out of good carrots for our customers it is time to pull up the garlic and use the bed to plant more carrots.

How do you know when garlic is ready to pull? When the leaves start to die off. At that point we carefully dig them up, shake off the dirt and take the outer papery skin off so it looks clean. This is the 3rd year of growing garlic. They are getting bigger every year which is a great sign.

We bring the garlic inside and hang it in the window that gets hot afternoon sunshine. This dries the outside of the garlic to cure it. The papery outside turns fine and easy to peel. The garlic itself maintains its moisture.

We plant the garlic in October or November. It’s one of the first plants to come up in the spring.

This is what the bed looks like in prep. Holes a couple inches apart and 4 inches deep. A single garlic clove is planted with the root section facing down. You can see all the paper from breaking apart the garlic into individual cloves.