Good and Bad Insects

On the right is a baby praying mantis we found in the garden. These predatory insects eat a lot of bad bugs so I’m excited to find them happily breeding here!

On the left are a couple new beetles we’ve never seen before. These beetles are taking over the broccoli plants and the crowns are getting chewed up. When we tried to identify this beetle we can’t find a perfect match. Two of the closet comparisons are the milk weed beetle and the two spotted stink bug. Theoretically the stink bug is considered beneficial because it eats bad insects, but the question is are they eating up the broccoli in the process?

For good pest management you need to get rid of the bad bugs and allow the good bugs to remain. We better figure out the beetle quick. We have a friend who is an entomologist we are going to have to talk to him to about this one.