Growing Celery

This isn’t something hear a lot of farmers say……”I think I’ll grow celery!”.

When selecting what to grow we usually ask ourselves…’what do I usually buy at the grocery store?’ We make a lot of tuna and chicken salad which uses a lot of celery, so we thought, what they heck. Let’s try to grow it.

Celery takes 12 weeks to become true transplant size and then once planted requires a lot of water. That’s a challenge in the high plains desert!

The strategy on the celery was to plant a few transplants at the end of the row at the down slope so it would have the most water possible. This heirloom variety is not as long or thick as your grocery store variety and it’s a bit tougher, but the taste is much stronger and brighter. You need less for your recipes. We don’t have a lot of customers who ask for celery but once they get it they are hooked! Our home gardening neighbor even traded some peaches for it!