Growing Garlic

In order to stay relevant it’s necessary to try growing something you know people routinely buy. Garlic is one of those plants for us. We love garlic ourselves and had thought about growing before. The issue is garlic is planted in October which is right at the end of harvest and our energy has been spent.

Well, last fall I managed to get motivated and went to a garlic growing class. We purchased 4 varieties of garlic and planted. In the spring scapes started growing from the garlic plants. Scapes are basically the beginning of flowering. Then comes the task of cutting off the scapes as they continue to pop up. Flowering uses a lot of energy that could be going to the bulb, or the part of the garlic you eat. At some point though, you have to give up and let the plant flower and the leaves dry. That’s when the bulbs are ready to pull.

It was a dirty job but an exciting one. Most crops you watch the food grow and harvest when it’s ready, but you can’t see the garlic until you pull it up. It’s like Christmas! The bulbs weren’t very large but boy were they strong! We sold a small amount but kept most to ourselves. Its our first try so we will improve for next year. We will definitely grow more.