June Hailstorm

After recovering from the Memorial Weekend snow storm we planned to spend the first weekend in June finally getting the last of the transplants into the ground. All that was left was pumpkins, tomatoes and peppers.

We got down to the last 2 pumpkin plants when there was a lightening strike that surprised us and forced us to stop. Luckily we thought to grab the tomatoes and peppers to bring them back inside.

Dime sized hail pummeled the crops for almost 10 minutes. The rain was so heavy it rushed down the rows and aisles dragging down soil and a couple inches of hail. The loss of soil exposed the radishes and pulled some seed into the aisles between the rows. Of the pumpkins I had just planted only 2/3 of them survived. About a quarter of the squash was lost and the majority of the celery stocks had to be pruned off. The spinach and broccoli leaves had holes and the beans were torn here and there. All the root vegetables were a little ragged but will survive fine.

We spent the next day cleaning up and planting seed inside to get fast germination to catch us back up with the season.Then we heard the news we may get a couple more hailstorms in the upcoming week. Frustrated, we finally covered the most delicate plants and held the tomatoes and pepper for another week. Luckily we only had a couple days of small, soft hail that did no damage.

While this weather has been detrimental to the timing of our crop sales, it’s better to happen early in the season rather than later when the produce is in harvest…like last year’s August hailstorm. We Will Survive!

See the hailstorm and then the impact on the garden on the farms YouTube Channel: