Large Squash Flowers

This year’s squash took a very long time germinating and we even had to reseed multiple ones that were not successful. We’ve never had such a hard time with them. This included ALL the squash. Not just zucchini but also yellow squash, butternut and acorn squash. I still don’t know if it was the seed source, the weather, or potentially pests? Either way we finally got the squash growing and I’ve never seen such large flowers and leaves in my life! It’s amazing! The flowers were larger than my hand and the leaves were the size of the Elephant Ear plant.

Production this year didn’t disappoint. Like previous years, we had to harvest nightly to prevent over-sized fruit. Although we have a couple customers who prefer larger zucchini for firm Zoodles making, most prefer the smaller ones.

Something else we experienced with the squash this year is the fruit was inconsistent in the summer squash. Some had lines, some speckled and some had solid color versus any kind of variation. I assume this is due to the open pollination of the heirloom seed company I have been using. I may consider not using this seed source next year or may move to a close pollination source.

Either way, I’m impressed with the size of the plants this year and hoping it’s related to soil conditions rather than the seeds themselves. Maybe the compost is kicking it into high gear! That would be fantastic just in case I change seeds for next year.