Lettuce Harvesting 2017

This year we tried planting different lettuce. In previous years we planted an heirloom mix with small leaves that was labor intensive and sometimes turned bitter early in the season. Tiny polka dotted leaves were very attractive but not practical.

This year we planted Black Seeded Simpson green leaf lettuce, a red leaf lettuce, and really excited about Little Gems, a dwarf Romaine lettuce. Like every year, the lettuce quickly grew.

These varieties allowed us to sell to the customer as a head or individual leaves. Customers like a variety of color in a mixed bag of lettuce.

The lettuce was a hit all spring, but as summer sets in we find more insects and the lettuce starts to bolt leaving the leaves bitter and leathery. We are considering growing under cover as the heat increases in the summer.

We will plant even larger varieties next year hoping to sell more as heads and further reducing labor.