Luffas Are Growing

The vines of our Luffa Squash plants have completely taken over the hog panel wall and now we are seeing our first growing Luffas. The Luffa grows as a squash with firm stringiness inside of it. I’m counting an average of 3 per plant. We are still concerned with ripening time. It’s late in the season and it seems like we have a lot of babies rather than full sized squash.

The vines are still growing and there is no space left on the wall. We had to just let them fall over and grow on the ground. It’s amazing how much these few plants took over! If you plan to try this be prepared for an overwhelming amount of greenery.

Our area is famous for early snow storms so we can only hope these Luffa quickly ripen before the season ends due to weather. If they aren’t ripe the Luffa sponge will be difficult to peel and will not be firm enough for use. Keeping our fingers crossed!

Check out our Luffa Wall video on the farm’s YouTube Channel: