More Spring Snow

Snowy Apple Tree

And this is why we are still planting our vegetables in transplant trays rather than starting outdoors!

We are only half way through the storm and there is already 5-6 inches of snow pulling the lilacs down to the ground. We already learned some things the last time we tried to save our bushes and trees from the snow. Unless the branches look like they are going to break, it’s better to let the snow slowly melt off on it’s own. Bouncing and shaking the plant can actually do more damage than good. We found more broken branches on the trees we shook than the ones we left alone.

If you can tell branches are ready to break, carefully BRUSH them with a broom, pushing up rather than down. That should release just enough pressure to keep from breaking.  If you do have a break, don’t give up. We had a real serious crack on an apple tree and tied the limb up enough that it mended itself!

Hold on folks! We have another 24 hours of this!