Oh Deer!

Deer in Garden

When our first spring came, I was so excited to start up the vegetable test plot. The bed was 30 X 50 feet and had not been managed in 4-5 years. The fence and gate were in desperate need of mending. There were a lot of deer and rabbit in the area so I made a point of adding the following:

  • Regular farm fence with 2×3 inch holes rather than large holes or chicken wire.
  • Built the fence 8 feet tall to prevent deer from jumping it.
  • Added a 3 feet of rabbit fence (1/2 inch wire cloth) at the bottom, burying it 4-6 inches underground.
  • Added bricks flush under the gate to prevent anything from sneaking underneath the gap.

Unfortunately that wasn’t good enough! A deer still made it in to the garden! It got stuck between the fence and an adjacent hedge, panicked and climbed over! It had a heck of a time getting back out, bouncing off the fence multiple times leaving it warped. Deer don’t see well and sometimes can’t see this type of fence.  I’m adding random orange flags across the top to keep them from attempting to jump. Its high enough they usually don’t even try. There is easier food to get on the property.