Pepper Harvest 2017

This year we planned to grow a variety of peppers for just ourselves but ended up with some to sell as well. We had a red bell pepper, jalapenos, sweet banana peppers and a fantastic super sweet red pepper called Lipstick. It’s the brilliant red one in the upper left corner of the picture. It’s shaped like a giant candy corn. The fun part of growing peppers is watching the array of colors that change through the season. In the picture you can also see the green bell pepper, one turned yellow and one in process of turning red. Even the banana peppers, if not pulled at the peak yellow ripeness will turn shades of orange and then red.  They are all edible, just with a slight flavor change.

The jalapeno plants did not bear any fruit this year. Very disappointing and not sure why it happened. Will try again next year and see if we have more success.

We are still not happy with the bell pepper results. In the dry environment the walls of the peppers aren’t as thick as you would hope. We did collect seed from the lipstick pepper and plan to focus on that next year along with the banana peppers. That’s the man of the house favorite pepper.

Cross our fingers for a good crop next year.