Planting Transplants

It’s after Mothers Day which means we can plant everything….finally!

It takes longer than you’d think. We dig each hole within the fabric by hand, measuring as we go with the measuring marks on the trowel itself. We amend the soil if needed by sprinkling a little in the bottom of the hole, mixing it in the surrounding soil and then putting the transplant on top, carefully filling in any gaps with extra soil and thoroughly watering it in. Since we use no chemicals,compost is really the only source of nutrients. Tomatoes and peppers need additional calcium so we add dolomite lime.

This process will take a couple weekends to complete, but once it’s done we can sit back and watch everything grow. Besides weeding, every now and then we test for dryness and give extra water where needed. We also start monitoring pests right away. Good to catch early to fix it before it gets out of control.

We are really excited to have everything in ground now and are looking forward to seeing how productive a second year under the fabric will be. Stay Tuned!