Pruning Grape Vines


When we moved to the farm it was winter and the overgrown grapevines were in hibernation. It was a great time to cut them back. I was nervous, but did some severe pruning and loaded it up with compost.

Grape Vine 2014
The new growth was incredible, covering half of the shed it sits in front of, but no grapes.

Grape Vine 2015

Grapes grow on second year shoots so I this year I had to carefully prune the vines correctly. I picked the 5 or 6 sturdiest looking shoots, tied them to the wires and cut them back to 4 or 5 buds. I’ve heard recommended number of buds ranging from 2 to 5 and decided to try the higher. I was really excited to see how quickly actual grapes showed up on the vines this year. Note the main picture.

If you want to see the videos, take a look at the YouTube Channel: