Seeds Are Here!

After spending January planning the expansion of the beds, February was spent deciding what to plant. After we evaluated what grew the best and what sold the best last year we decided to focus on greens, carrots, beets, snap peas, beans, summer squash, cucumbers and tomatoes. We saved a section for personal use where we’ll plant a few items that don’t sell well but we can’t live without! We absolutely loved the celery and okra last year but nobody was interested in it.

March is here and I’m excited to say our seeds came in the mail! While we saved seeds the last 2 years we were unable to collect enough to cover what we will be growing this year. Some items, like carrots, didn’t go to seed. We will also be trying a couple new varieties to see if they do better than ones we’ve previously grown.

My next objective is to clean up some of my collected seeds from last year before planting including trying to separate more of the lettuce seed from the soft white propeller pieces that stubbornly stuck around. I also need to finish shelling peas and beans from their dried pods. Anyone for a shelling party?

Spring is coming up soon!