The Luffa Wall

This is our second try at growing Luffa. Last year we grew it on the ground and only produced a couple small Luffa squashes that never fully ripened. We could tell early on that having it growing on the ground resulted in too much shade from the neighboring plants. They didn’t get enough sun. After further research we also found that Luffa need well over 200 days to ripen the Luffa. The growing season is too short in our area to meet that.

So this year we grew transplants inside for weeks to be sure they had a good head start. We also built this Luffa wall to give them the sun they needed.

What we weren’t prepared for was how fast the plants grow with the right environment and how much wall real estate they take up! It’s clear the the vines are quickly going to take over the arches. There are plenty of flowers growing and lots of pollinators and other beneficial insects thriving.

There was still room on the ground to grow a few sun loving plants so we added some okra and melons in front of the wall which did well.

Get a closer look at the Luffa wall on the farm’s YouTube Channel: