Why A Giant Radish?

What is that in your row of carrots?!!

I can’t tell you how many times we heard that this year. But there is a reason.

Carrots and radishes are companion plants. We plant them at the same time and the radishes grow faster than the carrots. By the time you are harvesting the radishes the carrots are just starting to really grow.

So why did we let this one radish grow so large? It’s to collect the seed for next year’s planting. We will let this radish bloom, dry and go to seed. Early fall we will pull the seeds from the flower pods and put in a snack size zipper locking bag. Storing in a cool dry place will keep them fresh for next year.

We weren’t really expecting the radish to reach the size of a large beet or for the flower stems to become taller than the top of the hoop. That means we can’t pull the cover over without bending the stems.

There is a new learning every day!