Baby Hawk in the Rain

The hawks on our property successfully hatched one chick. They were very protective and anytime we moved out of our normal space the parents would literally growl at us. I know how much a small bird can scratch you if you encroach on their nest. I can’t even imagine how badly you’d get injured from a large talon predator with a wing span of 4 feet!

Just to give more perspective, our space is 200 yards away from their tree. It has crippled us from traveling about half our property. I wouldn’t want to take the chance. But since we don’t farm or have animals on 75% of it we are okay leaving them alone.

Today the baby hawk got it’s first experience with rain and it was hysterical! The chick was standing on it’s tip toes, hopping around trying to avoid the wet stuff falling from the sky. Shaking it’s head and flapping it’s wings and giving out a little peep here and there. It was fun to watch.

You can watch the video on the farm’s YouTube channel. Keep in mind it’s not great quality since we had to stay so far away.