It happens every year in the spring time. HAILSTORMS!

This is why we always cover our plants with caterpillar or low tunnels. Not only do we get an occasional snow storm, we also get multiple hail storms.

Sometimes we ask ourselves why we even try to grow in this short season, high plains dessert where the conditions are so extreme. I guess we may like the challenge but more then likely it’s because it’s home.

In preparation, we always have extra row cover, extra seeds and seedling mix. Many times I also have extra transplants waiting for just such an occasion. Worst case scenario, we can replace single plants by purchasing from a nursery.

Luckily because our growing season is so short, the plants are not very big yet resulting in little to no damage at this time. We have only had one devastating hailstorm that really took out a couple years ago in August which was prime selling season. You should see the pictures. You can search hail on the blog page and see the horrific pictures. It’s why we have tunnels today.

See the most recent hailstorm on our YouTube Channel: