Our Conservation Plan


Owning acreage in a world of limited resources should make everyone feel responsible. Being a good steward to the earth will allow your children to enjoy the essentials of life. Fresh air, clean water and natural food whether it comes from plants or animals. We put together a Conservation Plan to show our commitment to the ecology and wildlife on our property.

First, we will establish a more natural environment by removing lawns and invasive plants and replace with xeriscape natives. We are leaving about 30% of the land for wildlife only. We’ve seen animals ranging from birds, squirrels, rabbits and deer to raccoon,skunks, fox and coyotes. We have an abundance of garter snakes and a variety of tiny brown frogs that I’ve never seen before.

Water preservation is important. Every drop counts.Crops will be watered with drip irrigation and mulched with dried grasses and pine needles from the property to hold the moisture in. No chemical herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers will be used. The animals will be raised naturally using all natural and organic feed.

We want the farm to be naturally sustainable to be able to deliver good tasting and nutritious food to customers.