Spring Has Sprung!

Perennial Bed

Yikes! It’s a perennial explosion!¬†The planting beds are booming with perennials¬†and of course weeds. How do you find the time with so many beds and the plants growing at an alarming rate?

I have a couple tricks. I start at one end and slowly work my way around to the other end. Even if I have to stop, I’ll just pick up where I left off when I can. Having a job, it can sometimes take days to complete, but it always eventually gets done. I don’t get really technical with my technique. I just pull up the weeds as fast as possible, even if I leave a few roots, and then I drop them in piles back on top of the soil. No throwing out weeds in the garbage, and no need to purchase store bought mulch. The pile of yanked up weeds will act like a mulch that will smother upcoming weeds underneath. It also adds more organic matter to the soil. Most of my weeds are grass so it really makes a great mulch.