Uncovering Spring

Peony under snow

After 3 days of snowing, it’s time to try and save all my spring flowers that were buried under a couple feet of snow in some spots. These peonies that were already fully budded out were buried under 3 feet of snow. There is an angled sunroom above it so all the snow that built up on the roof slid down and kept accumulating on this normally beautiful perennial bed! It’s important to wait until the snow is completely done falling so you only have to do this once. Multiple times is too much stress on the plants.

First, I used a snow shovel to pull off the top 2 feet, leaving about 8-10 inches of snow still on the plants. You have to be careful not to dig too far or you will break stems, which I did with some of my daffodils.

I carefully pulled the snow off the plants by hand, not putting any pressure on them except a very slight lift from underneath to dust the snow completely off. And guess what……it works! ¬†They stood right back up by the next day!
PeoniesEven my daffodils popped back open!