Where are the Animals?

It’s coming up on our first year of moving into our farm house. I can’t believe it! It seems so much longer! So for those of you who wonder why we still don’t have animals on our farm…..We haven’t even been here a year yet!

Keep in mind that we bought a property, not a house. The home is 43 years old and was never updated. That meant a lot of renovating. Here is my favorite picture to show the home when we bought it.

House before picWithin 9 weeks we removed all the drapes, carpet, wall paper, wood paneling, popcorn ceiling and light fixtures. We re textured the walls and ceiling, repainted everything, dry walled partially finished areas and even replaced bathroom sub floors. While we could only afford to take a scrub brush to the existing kitchen and baths, we did replace toilets and two sinks. And yes, this was all us! The only hired help was our texturing guy and a carpet layer. Let me tell you…..that was a lot of work! Here’s one before and after picture.

Before DiningAfter Dining 2






So for those of you who keep asking why we don’t have animals yet, we still haven’t even finished the lower level of our home!  We have, however, stopped where we’re at so we can start preparing housing for our animals this spring and summer.