Not everything goes as planned.

coop_archesI knew the shade cover / protection on the run would not support snow and was already planning a different cover for the winter months but what I had not figured in for spring and summer was the hail.  How did I forget the hail?  The first hailstorm came through and filled the shade cloth, weighing it down like fish in a net. Obviously some extra support was in order.

3 hours and some common materials and we now have an arched frame to support the shade netting. Still need to see how it does when the hail is coming down but it should allow all but the worst hail to roll off rather than “pooling” and weighing it down.  Not sure if they will support a “solid” sheathing for the winter yet but we shall see how it handles the hail first and then decide.

With the cover now taken care of we can focus on getting the last bit of stitching done on the sides.