Tomatoes and Basil

Tomatoes and Basil. They sound like they were meant for each other. In your spaghetti sauce, in your caprese salad and now in your garden!

Tomatoes are so prone to pests and disease. Aphids and a variety of caterpillars and beetles can take out a crop. There is a technique called companion planting in which certain plants that are known to deter certain pests can be used to reduce infestation. For tomatoes, Basil is just one of those companion plants.

This is the first year we tried companion planting by alternating tomato plants with basil plants. It really worked. We had far fewer pests problems. The issue we did have was the basil grew so fast it shaded some of the tomato plants which resulted in fewer tomatoes. Luckily we still grew enough to meet demand.

Next year we will plant the tomatoes farther apart and give them a head start before we plant the basil. We may also plant garlic and/or onion in a few spots as they are also considered great companion plants for tomatoes as well. Stay tuned because we may try companion with a few other sensitive plants.