We Can Grow Melons

Due to our dry environment, we never thought we would be able to grow melons at our farm. While I was at my favorite garden store and found some local seed for watermelon and something called a Crenshaw Melon. It’s a cantaloupe variation that is supposed to grow well in our area. We were surprised and excited to test grow.

Since our rows are on a slight slope, the bottom of our rows always have extra moisture. At the end of every row we placed a few melon seeds.

It took awhile but we managed to get 4 watermelons and over a dozen crenshaw melons. The crenshaws were more prolific but took longer to ripen. We also had issues with pests taking over the crenshaw melons. We started to realize why. They have a fantastically sweet yet complex flavor that is very addictive! I highly recommend trying to grow them. We plan to grow more next year but will look for better placings for the fruit to sit to avoid insect infestation. Stay tuned for that!