Cucumber Harvest 2017



This year we did 3 rows of cucumbers which did amazingly well. So well in fact that we were picking cucumbers DAILY. One day the cucumber looked just slightly too small like the one pictured and the next day it was too big! It was hard to keep up! There were many times cucumbers buried underneath the vines were missed and the next thing you know it was the size of a small tree trunk!

Our neighbor, who is a home gardener, likes to come by and investigate the goings on every now and then. Early on he looked at our pathways between our rows and asked how we were going to manage harvesting when the cucumber vines took over. Our spacing is based on the intensive planting method so I told him we would deal with whatever happened. As you can see from the second picture of the 3 rows, the vines eventually became so thick we were stepping all over the vines every time we pulled some for orders. 

My thoughts for next year?
First we are only going to do 1 row. It’s also been recommended to trellis cucumber vines. I may try that as well.

We sold a lot of cucumbers but not expecting the yield we had, we had way to many! The good news is pickling excess cucumbers is always an option. After a moderate investment in canning equipment and a lot of jars we had a number of the excess cucumbers pickled. The story about my first try at pickling is for another day…..