Recovering Burnt Beans

This year was full of disappointment. The spring was very short this year and we jumped into a hot dry summer. The black weed block fabric collected a lot of heat and the bean plant leaves just started to dry up. No matter how much watering was done it didn’t seem to make a difference. Luckily we caught it early enough and put up hoops covered with Agribon to give the poor plants a break. It took awhile but most of the plants not only recovered, but flourished under the subtle shade of the covering.

Once the beans started growing again we had another issue. A strange instance of curly leaves started taking over the worst of the burnt plants. Because these plants curled, they didn’t get very tall. The short plants they beans that crew touched the ground before the were full size. This resulted in curly beans laying on the fabric. We have no idea what causes it but it had an impact on overall production and quality.

Next year I plan to plant early to make the most of the spring rains to allows the leaves to grow faster, covering enough black fabric to minimize the heat. If the curly leaf is a disease, hopefully throwing out the twice used fabric will get rid of any residual. Wish us luck!