Fire by the Farm

You never realize how fragile the land is until something like this happens.

A fire started on the corner of our neighbors property 300 yards away from us. It burned 30 acres, luckily on the acreage that had no houses on it yet. We were lucky the wind was blowing in the opposite direction or it would have quickly burned both of our homes, barns and coops! Everything was so dry with the drought it was unforgiving.

We were at work when this happened so our neighbor contacted us to let us know what was happening. My husband made it home first but the police and firemen would not allow him up the road. When he told them we had chickens we needed to release just in case they assured him the fire was moving away and if he could wait 10 minutes they would let him pass.That didn’t sit well with him, and just as he was getting ready to hop some fences on foot to get to our home, they opened the road back up.

Can you imagine the devastation of not only losing your home but also losing your animals and your garden? Life and everything in it is so fragile. Take care of yourself, your loved ones and the animals that depend on you.

See my stunned reaction when coming home on the farm YouTube Channel: