Tomatoes- the Florida Weave

The tomatoes are starting to grow tall! In our old plot we built industrial tomato cages for each tomato plant but once you have hundreds of tomato plants that’s not possible. With the intensive planting they are too close together to have individual cages.

After doing some research we found a method called the Florida weave. This process holds tomato plants up and keeps them under control by weaving twine back and forth between plants. This is done at every 12 inches of growth.

It was a little difficult getting used to doing the weave and took awhile to do it but it seems to be pretty effective. Unfortunately with the tomatoes growing much larger than last year and although one sides of the plants were held up, they still slid sideways on the some of the tomato bound plants. In the end we ended up putting large stakes on 50% of the plants to keep them from leaning. It was a good problem to have with all tomatoes, but just an added chore. Next year we will stake every tomato plant right away and should not have that problem again.

You can see us try out the Florida weave on the farm YouTube Channel: